What are codes?

Some challenges require you to enter a special code. These codes are unique to a specific place or event and will help you complete that challenge. Each challenge includes directions to help you locate the codes.

How do I build my superhero?

The more books that you read and log in Wandoo the more credits you will receive to earn different pieces to change your superhero. Choose “Change Hero” on the “Home” page of the Dashboard when you’re logged into the Wandoo website and you will see your options for upgrading your superhero.

How do I record what I’ve read?

1. Log into the Wandoo Website with your username and password.
2. On the “Home” page of the Dashboard under the heading “Log My Reading” start typing in the title or author of the book you read.
3. Choose your book from the options that appear or finish typing.
4. Enter in the amount of time you spent reading.
5. Click Submit Log
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