Music Resources

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Premium Websites (databases):

Use your library card number to access these.

Freegal Music gives you access to hundreds of thousands of songs in the Sony Music catalog. You can download up to 5 songs a week for free with your library card (the weekly counter starts Sunday night at midnight). Songs are in DRM-free MP3 format.

Freegal also has a mobile app:

iOS app
Android app

Please note: In the iOS version, songs are saved in the app, not your iTunes Library. To add a song you download with the app to your iTunes Library, you must download it on a computer within 2 weeks of the original download. Learn more in the Freegal FAQs.

Recommended Free Websites:
Search for songs or artist profiles, play videos and songs free online, get recommendations for other music, create a profile and build online music stations based on your tastes, and more.

National Jukebox: Historical Recordings from the Library of Congress
Over 10,000 pre-1925 music, speeches, and other sound recordings.

Built on the Music Genome Project that categorized thousands of songs on many characteristics, Pandora creates streaming online music stations using songs that are classified similarly to those you use to “seed” the station.

Washington Post Music Venue Guide
Scroll down to browse upcoming concerts in the area by location, genre, and more.