SECTION B : Self-Assessment of Skills

Writing Assignment PART 1: Hit and Run short assessment of yourself


The worksheet includes 5 broad areas that are divided in specifics skills.

Put an X next to the heading that you are capable of right now and then list how you know you can perform the skill.  Use this section to either put job titles/accomplishments or action words for you so you have a concrete worksheet to start from.

Do not worry about correct spelling or perfect phrasing while you complete this portion.  This is called a Page Purge exercise to get your brain to jump-start your internal search for your assessment of your skills.  Remember that ONLY YOU HAVE THE CORPORATE KNOWLEDGE FOR YOUR RÉSUMÉ!  This course will guide you to a completed, acceptable and powerful finished résumé but you must develop the material to draw from to shape a final product that you think accurately reflects you. 


Under Speaking Effectively the list may contain university courses you presented, in-house trainings you gave to your business departments, or your membership in Toastmasters.

Or you may list your titles: University Lecturer Eastern New Mexico University College of Business; Training Coordinator for Frederick County Public Libraries; Public Relations Liaison for the Frederick County Workforces Services.

You may choose action synonyms to prepare you to present a résumé that does not repeat over and over your same verb:  Delivered/Lectured.  These are listed at the end of this worksheet.

If you come across an area that you know you will need to be have to be a viable candidate in the job-search world, but you do not quite have yet, put an “O” in the box.  Then write out how you plan to make-up the shortfall, e.g., “Am currently enrolled in a professional Excel 2007 class at the FCC School of Business”

Not every heading or skills list will be applicable to your background!  Bypass unrelated areas.


Hit and Run Self-Assessment - (Word Document version) (PDF version)
Action Verb Synonym list by Skill Area - .pdf document