Close up of the inside of an antique clock entitled "Antiques Database"

Premium Websites (databases):

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A unique clearinghouse of hard-to-find information for the antiques & collectibles industry. This directory includes thousands of specialist dealers, experts, collectors, appraisers, clubs, periodicals, repair and restoration services, museums and libraries, Internet resources, matching services, grading services, authenticators, pricing and auction services.

P4A Antiques Reference: A unique reference source for antiques, collectibles, and fine arts. Prices for items are drawn from about 50 regional auction houses. Every record in the database includes at least one picture.

Recommended Free Websites:

American Society of Appraisers
Find an ASA accredited appraiser.

Antiques Roadshow
Search the show’s online archives, read “Tips of the Trade” and follow-up articles based on shows, and browse the glossary of antique lingo.

Heritage Preservation: The National Institute for Conservation
Helps find a conservator

Northeast Document Preservation Center
Hints for preserving family documents and memorabilia.

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Maryland Room: The Maryland Room actively collects materials on Maryland decorative arts, antiques, and fine arts.