See You on the Deck

See You on the Deck

The arrival of summer means it’s time to head for the deck - especially the deck at Thurmont Regional Library. According to Erin Dingle, Administrator, Thurmont Regional Library and Emmitsburg Branch Library, there’s no better place to relax, soak up the sun, and sit back and enjoy nature. “We always encourage people to use the deck to read and relax or enjoy a family picnic after a story program,” she says. “A lot of our patrons take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, bringing their laptop and enjoying the quiet while they work.”

The atmosphere on the deck switches from quiet to lively this summer during the Sunday afternoon Music on the Deck concert series, which is free and appropriate for all ages. Tara Lebherz, Children’s Services Supervisor, who is also a member of the local band, The Yardslipppers, used her music connections to schedule this summer’s lineup. “We’ve booked some very talented local musicians whose music is known far beyond Frederick County,” she says. “Alexander Mitchell and Zan McLeod are extremely talented multi-instrumentalists, and the two of them together will be a real treat. I’m a big fan of family bands, and I know the Martin Family Band will really impress the audience. Mountain Ride came highly recommended, and I’m looking forward to hearing them, too.”

Lebherz also looks forward to the Thursday evening Nighttime on the Deck series, which launched last year with grant funding. This year, the series is sponsored by the Thurmont Lion’s Club, and the Thurmont Thespians recently agreed to preview their summer show for kids in July. “It’s shaping up to be a busy and fun summer, with lots of people in the library and on the deck every day,” Lebherz says.

Music on the Deck

Bring snacks and drinks! Bands courtesy of Friends of the Thurmont Regional Library.

 The Martin Family Band - Sunday, June 23, 2 pm  The Martin Family Band - Sunday, June 23, 2 pm

The Martin Family Band presents Old Time Appalachian, Irish, and colonial music. With family roots in Southwestern Virginia, their style reflects years of study as well as a genuine feel for the music arising from the presence of music in the home.

Alexander Mitchell and Zan McLeod - Sunday, July 28, 2 pm

Alexander Mitchell and Zan McLeod are renowned musicians individually; as a pair they’re twice as amazing. Mitchell plays fiddle, mandolin, and guitar and has been cultivating diverse musical styles since 1978. McLeod was introduced to Appalachian music on the banjo and mandolin by his grandfather and has played in numerous bands throughout the years. Together, these talented fellows are sure to get you moving. 

Mountain Ride - Sunday, August 25, 2 pm  Mountain Ride - Sunday, August 25, 2 pm

Mountain Ride is Eric and Kate Avey, plus whoever else they decide to bring along for the ride. This group delivers fast-picking, hard-driving bluegrass tunes, along with a few heart-melting, old-time classic bluegrass ballads. Mountain Ride’s harmonies and music will have you tappin’ and clappin’ for certain.

Nighttime on the Deck All ages, with adult.

Awesome Animals
Help kick off our summertime series with the Catoctin Creek Nature Center. Real live animals and lots of fun.
Thursday, June 20, 6:30 pm

Amazing Animals
It’s another wild night with Fountain Rock Nature Center. See live animals and maybe even touch one!
Thursday, July 18, 6:30 pm

Slightly Spooky Stories
Listen to a few stories around the “campfire” with storyteller Kit Bloom, whose tales are family-friendly and just a little on the ghostly side.
Thursday, August 15, 6:30 pm