Rocket the Rooster

This fancy red rooster flew down to the library by way of Gettysburg, PA when the library was opening in August 2008. He was so thrilled to see a beautiful new library full of wonderful books, movies, games, information and friendly helpful staff that he flew down the library’s chimney and now roosts on the roof in the TRL Children’s Department with a brand new name: Rocket the Rooster. When he sees kids using the library, he clucks a happy song to himself!

A Glimpse of Yesteryear

This Rebecca Pearl print ‘A Glimpse of Yesteryear’ depicts in downtown Thurmont. The old Thurmont Library building on Water Street can be seen as the Moravian Church. The Thurmont Lion’s Club commissioned this print in honor of their 75th Anniversary in 2004 and donated it to the library. The print depicts the Thurmont Town Square as it might have looked on a snowy evening in the year the club was founded.

The Grange Mural

This mural is believed to be created by members of a grange in Frederick County, Maryland. The mural was given to Frederick County Public Libraries (FCPL) by the Historical Society of Frederick County (HSFC). The HSFC originally received it as a gift from Mr. & Mrs. Ray Compton. It is believed that the Comptons purchased the mural from either an estate sale or an auction, and stored it for a few years before giving it to the HSFC.

County Courthouses of Maryland

Eric Mohn's paintings are the essence of patience and concentration. Left a quadriplegic after a 1963 car accident, he was determined to bring forth the creative process still within. He graduated from Montgomery College in 1977 and proceeded to earn his bachelor's degree from Saint Andrews Presbyterian College, NC. Eric opened a studio in Thurmont and donated this print to the Thurmont Regional Library just months before his untimely death in 2008.


Rose M. Hahn designed this quilt using traditional blocks with names that represent Thurmont and the Northern Frederick County region, abundant with wildlife and diverse agriculture from farms to orchards. Pattern named blocks selected range from 1889-1973. The Center of the quilt's appliqué parts and the quilting patterns used are original art work of Rose M. Hahn.

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