How to Review Books

This is the kind of review that will be posted on the site.  See how the review talks about the book and points out good and bad things about the story.

Title:  Stephenie Meyer
Author:  Twilight

Grade Level: 9-10, 11-12
Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance
Number of Stars: 2

Your Opinion:

Twilight is a large book, but it reads pretty easily, that is, if you can get past the utterly vapid writing style of Stephanie Meyer. It is a very slow-paced romance about this girl from Arizona who moves to rainy Washington state when her mother moves to Florida with her new husband. There, surrounded by a group of new people, she meets the Cullen family of vampires, specifically Edward. The story is about their courtship for most of the book with no real plot besides that, until the last 100 pages, and even then she does nothing but pine for Edward. Admittedly, the last 100 pages or so are somewhat interesting, if you can get past Bella’s Edward-absorbed thoughts that really belong in a bad shojo manga.

Your Name:  Charlotte