Hail Caeser

Thou Huong Ha
Grade Level: 
11-12th grade
Average: 4 (1 vote)

This book is hilarious. is a teenager who won a writing competition called PUSH, when teens write novels and then enter a competition in hopes of getting their books published.
This book is about a high school boy, John, who is essentially the "king" of the school. Nicknamed Caesar goes about life not caring about anything but girls and what they can do for him. The idea that anyone would ever try to cross him or not be interested in him baffles him. All the sudden, Eva, the new girl, seems to be immune to his charms. He tries, and instead of her falling for him, he seems to be the one falling for her. Parties, high school, and betrayal are topics found in life and in the book.
Overall this book is one of my favorites. There is swearing and references to sex, drugs, and alcohol, yet these are things most teens experience day to day. This book is for no one younger than high school, atleast.
This book is an eye opener of those who live on the "Top" of the food chain.

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