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About Children's Services 

Who are Children's Services for?

Children’s Services is designed for children from birth to middle school, but we have resources and services for parents, caregivers of children, teachers, and other child educators, too.

If you are looking for materials and services at the middle school, high school, or adult level, please visit Teen Zone or call the Information desk of your local branch.

Children's Events

What can you find in the Children’s Area?

  • Books for children from birth-6th grade
  • Homework and research materials up to 6th grade
  • Foreign language materials
  • DVDs
  • Books on CD
  • Computers for Internet use and Word Processing
  • Early Literacy Stations at Brunswick, C. Burr Artz, Middletown, Thurmont, Urbana and Walkersville
  • You will also find knowledgeable and friendly Library Staff members:

Children's Services Staff

Brunswick Branch Library

Caroline at Brunswick


Caroline's favorite things to do at the library are storytimes, her programs for school-age kids, and looking at books.

Karin at C. Burr Artz


Karin reads a lot of different types of books and papers, but she likes fantasy and adventure stories the best.

Robin at the Brunswick Branch


Robin loves reading, especially mysteries and funny stories. She also loves talking about books. Some of her favorite authors are Jane Austen, Elizabeth Peters, and Garth Nix.



Sarah loves being a librarian, especially when it means she gets to be creative and help people.

C. Burr Artz Public Library



Carly is so excited to be working at the C. Burr Artz library! If you've met her before, you may recognize Carly as the librarian who loves to dance and be silly during storytime.



A great day for Deb is any day she gets to come work at the library. That's because she loves kids, books, stories, and children's programs.

Jon at C. Burr Artz


Mr. Jon has a blast working at the Library. Feeling like a big kid himself, Jon enjoys fantasy and sci-fi books the best with their 'out of this world' adventures.

Kris at C. Burr Artz


Kris is our resident craft guru.

Stephanie L.

Stephanie L

Miss Stephanie is the complete opposite of the mean, shushing librarian stereotype.  In fact, she is awesome and a whole lot of fun!  Besides working at the library, Miss Stephanie dances and teach

Emmitsburg Branch Library

Cheryl at Emmitsburg


Cheryl is obsessed with taking pictures of her family, scrapbooking, and everything crafty. She enjoys reading historical fiction, J fiction, and never turns down a good mystery.

Middletown Branch Library

Barbara at Middletown


Barbara has always loved children’s literature.

Terri at Middletown


Terri thinks she has the best job in the world! She is surrounded by kids and books at the Middletown Public Library.

Edward F. Fry Library at Point of Rocks

Ms. Jeanne

Ms. Jeanne

Ms Jeanne has lived in the Frederick area for 8 years.  However, she grew up in the Midwest where her loyalty for the Chicago Bears originated.  She and her husband have two wonderful boys in eleme

Thurmont Regional Library

Jeanne at Thurmont Regional Library


Jeanne loves animals, especially dogs and cats. She has a dachshund named Chester who likes to eat shoes. Some of her other favorite things are reading, baking, and taking walks.

Lesa at Thurmont Regional Library


Lesa is a great fan of reading to learn, and believes there no such thing as bad hobby, just ones she hasn’t read enough about yet to give a try.

Marlene (a.k.a. Mrs. B!!!)

Marlene (a.k.a. Mrs. B!!!)

Mrs. B is so excited to join the fun at FCPL. She can’t wait to share stories with all her new library friends. Mrs. B believes that reading is very valuable.

Shelba at Thurmont Regional Library


Shelba loves books of all kinds but especially enjoys picture books with a humorous twist. When she’s not reading, Shelba likes to draw and color or “play” in her yard and flowers.

Tara, FCPL Children's Staff


Tara loves reading just about anything she can get her hands on. She figures she's always going to love Judy Blume, but she also really likes Kate DiCamillo and Patricia Reilly Giff.

Urbana Regional Library

Janet M

Working at the Library combines three of the things I love the most; books, kids and crafts!  I am a voracious reader who enjoys all types of books.  I am always looking for new books to read so if

Kim at Urbana Regional Library


Miss Kim loves reading and singing with her friends in preschool storytimes. Her favorite song is The Bean Bag song by Hap Palmer.

Melissa M.

Melissa M.

Melissa has a long list of things she loves:  reading, writing, watching old movies, listening to Johnny Cash’s music, making pom-poms, lying on the beach, cooking for friends, learning new things,

Robyn at Urbana Regional Library


Robyn loves reading science fiction and adventure books. Although she loves lots of different children's authors, some of her favorites are Jeanne DuPrau and Philip Pullman.

Sandra at Urbana Regional Library


Hello to all my new friends! When I was 8, my family moved from Puerto Rico to Maryland. I couldn’t speak very much English, but I could read!

Walkersville Branch Library

Adrienne at Walkersville


Tales of action and adventure, cozy mysteries and humorous stories are just some of the genres Adrienne loves to read.