Wireless Printing at C. Burr Artz

Thanks to the generosity of the C. Burr Artz Trust, FCPL is pleased to introduce a new wireless printing service at C. Burr Artz Public Library.

Patrons can print wirelessly from their laptop or mobile devices at twenty cents per page (black and white printing only) at the C. Burr Artz Public Library by visiting the Printeron website, sending an email to one of the two email addresses listed below, or via the Printeron mobile app.

Printing via Website

No additional software required! Visit http://www.printeron.net/cburrartzlibrary/webprint via your web browser and following the steps below:

1. Enter your name in the User Info Box. You will be asked for this information when you go to pick up your printed document(s).

User Info Box with "Name filled in"

2. Select the file or URL you wish to print. (You will be able to browse your computer or device to select the document you wish to print OR you may enter the URL of a web page you wish to print).  To see a list of supported files click here

Demonstration of browsing to a documentDemonstration of printing a url using fcpl.org

3. Click on the Arrow button and confirm print job details (for example – printing two copies of a document or printing pages 3 and 4 of a 10 page document). Next page arrow

4. On the next page the system will calculate how many pages you wish to print and the cost.  If everything is correct and you would like to print your document(s) click on the print button. printer icon

5. You will be given a confirmation code that you will need to provide, along with your name, when picking up and paying for your print job at the downstairs Circulation Desk.

Printing via E-Mail

To print an email message or attachment, simply forward your email to 300867978299@printspots.com or cburrartzlibrary-webprint-bw@printspots.com You will be given a confirmation code that you give at the downstairs Circulation Desk when you pick up and pay for your print job.

Use the PrinterOn Mobile App

The PrinterOn mobile app is available free for various mobile devices at http://www.printeron.com/apps.html, as is the PrintWhere application for Windows devices http://www.printeron.com/apps/printwhere.html.