Meeting Room Policy

Meeting rooms in the Frederick County Public Libraries provide an opportunity for bringing together the resources of the County and the activities of the community.  The Library welcomes the use of its meeting rooms for public gatherings of civic, cultural, educational, or charitable service to the community.  The rooms may not be used for purely social purposes or for regular business operations.  If a rental fee has been paid, the entity reserving the meeting room determines whether the gathering will be open to the public. Gatherings that pertain to internal Library/Government work-related activities are not open to the public.  All other gatherings shall be open to the public and shall include the opportunity for reasonable and thoughtful presentation of differing views.

Priority for use of the rooms will be given in the following order:

  1. The Frederick County Public Libraries and the Board of Trustees of Frederick County Public Libraries
  2. The C. Burr Artz Trust Board of Trustees, the Friends of the Frederick County Public Libraries, and government departments and officials (local, state, federal)
  3. Non-profit, community-interest, and for-profit businesses and organizations

On Election days, when the library is being used as a voting location, no meeting room may be booked by individuals, groups or organizations for the purpose of electioneering, in accordance with Maryland Election Law 16-206(a)(10).

For-profit businesses and organizations are charged a fee for use of the meeting rooms.

There will be no collection of admission fees, membership fees or dues by any organization, nor sales of products or services.  The Library reserves the right to allow admission charges and/or the sale of products by any entity presenting a program sponsored by or with the Library.

Non-profit, community-interest, and for-profit businesses and organizations shall have a limit on the number of times they may reserve use of the rooms to allow equitable use for all members of the community.

Although programs and meetings may be held in the library, neither the name nor the address of the library may be used as an official address or headquarters.  Any publicity (brochures, flyers, radio, television, or electronic announcements, or any other form of announcements) must carry the name of the entity sponsoring the meeting. In addition, a statement must be included that the library does not promote or endorse the views of the program sponsors or presenters.  Publicity should be submitted to the Library for review.  Failure to follow instructions for publicity may result in loss of Meeting Room privileges.

The Library may revoke permission for any entity to use any of its meeting rooms due to violation of established policies and procedures, including Frederick County Public Libraries' "Rules of Conduct and Behavior Governing the Use of Library Facilities and Grounds"

Revised policy approved by the Board of Trustees of Frederick County Public Libraries 10/08/14