Think with BINK: Bright Ideas Need Knowledge

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Join Frederick County Public Libraries, the Fort Detrick Alliance, and BINK the Robot to get your 1st – 5th graders excited about STEM! The Think with BINK program invites visiting scientists from the Fort Detrick Alliance to teach children about STEM each month. The programs are specially designed to inspire elementary age children to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Jim Swearengen, DVM, Board of Directors of the Fort Detrick Alliance, notes, “I feel strongly that these types of interactions are vital in establishing scientific curiosity and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from learning new things that help us understand our world, and will hopefully inspire some of these great young minds to endeavor to make it a better place through science.”

Join us at the C. Burr Artz Public Library or the Urbana Regional Library to explore the following topics in June, July and August:

Playing with Polymers with Dr. Matthew Rittler, Director, Master of Science in Biotechnology and Management at Mount St. Mary’s University

  • What do LEGO®, milk jugs, Rainbow Loom bracelets, sandwich bags, and chewing gum all have in common? They are all made of polymers! Polymers are groups of molecules that are connected to create something tangible (something you can touch.) They may be solid, squishy, sticky, bendable, or anything else you can think of. While many polymers are manmade, some occur naturally, as in the juice of rubber or aloe plants. Join us as we have fun exploring—and making—polymers!

Bones in Space with Dr. Tiziana Cavinato, Assistant Professor of Biology at Hood College

  • Do you know that the average speed of growth of your bones is 2 inches per year at eight years old? And that even after you reach the adult age your bones are continually remodeled, for example, the head of the femur is replaced about every four months! Do you know that Astronauts lose about 1% of their bones per week when in space? Genes, nutrition and exercise are important factors that influence the development of our bones. In this meeting we will explore these factors and what happens to the astronauts’ skeleton in the absence of gravity.

Backyard Bugs with Dr. Louis M. Huzella, Veterinary Pathologist

  • Have you ever wondered about the bugs that you often see in your backyard, at the playground, or in the park? Do you know which ones are potentially harmful? Which are harmless? Which bugs are beneficial to the environment? How about which bugs might be harmful to the environment? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this informative presentation on backyard bugs.

Think with BINK programs are offered at the Urbana Regional Library at 4:00pm on the first Wednesday of each month, except for July when the program will be offered on July 16th, and at the C. Burr Artz Public Library at 4:00pm on the third Tuesday of each month. Registration is required. For more information and to register please visit our Think with BINK program page.