On My Nightstand - Summer 2014

Marlene YoungMarlene Young
President, Delaplaine Foundation, Inc.
Vice President, Great Southern Enterprises, Inc.

At any given time, I simultaneously enjoy several good books. Current fascinating reads include What Difference Do It Make? by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. This collection of real-life stories of hope and healing is written by the same two authors of Same Kind of Different As Me. They make unlikely co-authors, as one is a wealthy fine-arts dealer and the other an illiterate, homeless African American, yet they share a common bond through a remarkable woman’s love that brought them together. This book showcases how Divine intervention can work through the most painful circumstances to bring forth amazing, redemptive changes, proving that one person can indeed make a positive difference in this world.

Then, having enjoyed other Sue Monk Kidd books, her latest, The Invention of Wings, delivers yet again. The plot surrounds a girl named Sarah who on her 11th birthday receives a slave girl called Handful and it begins a lifelong, complicated relationship that is a captivating story. I highly recommend this powerful book.

Guy FletcherGuy Fletcher
Editor-in-Chief, Frederick Magazine

Throughout my career I have found that reading great writers makes me a better writer and editor. Seeing how a writer approached a certain subject or delivered a narrative in a fresh or different way is exciting and encourages me to get outside my own box when taking on a new assignment. Very often, the storytelling spirit of the books I read can be found in my own writing.

Since my background is in journalism, I particularly enjoy reading nonfiction and biography, especially about key figures in U.S. history. One of my favorite books is Robert Caro’s The Power Broker, which details the life and career of Robert Moses, one of most powerful men in shaping New York City. More recently, I have enjoyed Lion in the White House, a short but exceptional biography of one of our nation’s most compelling political figures, Theodore Roosevelt.

I’m also a bit of a sports nut and strongly recommend David Maraniss’ When Pride Still Mattered, a biography of Vince Lombardi. Even if you have no interest in the Green Bay Packers or football or even sports, I recommend this as a textbook lesson in how to approach biography in an entertaining, revealing and powerful way.

Shabri MooreShabri Moore
President, Moore Wealth

Like many people, I purchased an iPad several years ago. Little did I know that it would not only replace my laptop when I traveled, but it also became my electronic book bag! I typically have several books that I’m reading at any given time. They can range from business related to just for fun fiction. My current reads are Flash Boys by Michael Lewis, Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.